The next documentary everyone should watch? The Connection.

I have just finished watching The Connection.  It is a fascinating documentary about the mind-body connection featuring cutting-edge research and commentary from leading experts in the field of mind-body science including John Kabat-Zinn, PhD, Herbert Benson, M.D., Alice Domar, PhD, Sara Lazar, PhD, Dean Ornish, MD, Esther Sternberg, MD, Andrew Weil, MD, Damien Finniss, MD and Craig Hassed, MD.

The individual stories of recovery recorded in this documentary are inspiring and confirm that the mind-body connection – whether through prayer, mindful meditation or yoga – continues to serve a healing power and purpose in our lives in ways that are becoming more demonstrably measurable through science.  Here’s a taste of what you can expect to see:


This man fought stage 4 cancer and survived when the odds were stacked against him.  He believes that the mind-body connection he nourished from within was the cure.


Jason Wachob, CEO of, explains in the documentary how yoga healed him from years of chronic low back pain.


John Kabat-Zinn, PhD, explains that meditation has resulted in positive and measurable physiological changes to the body.


This is Shannon Harvey, the inspiring director of The Connection. Shannon was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at age 24.  She no longer has this illness and has embraced meditation in her life.  Thank you, Shannon, for making this timely and informative documentary.

I recommend that every single person who is desirous to know (or know more) about the mind-body connection should watch this documentary, and then share it with their family and friends.  I know I will.

To watch the trailer, click on the following link:

I wish you all happiness, hope, and love.  Namaste.

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