Book Reviews

One might assume that because I am a lawyer by training, I must only be interested in books about the law.  While that is certainly true, the law is only one of a wide array of subject  areas that I enjoy reading about! 

My interest areas span the spectrum:  from autobiographies and contemporary politics, to Chinese philosophy and psychology. My father, a lawyer and also an English major, has inspired me my whole life to read and write with intention, and clarity.

Through my writings here, I hope to share with you my observations on some of the books and articles that I have read in the past, or am currently digging into at the moment.

My intention shall be to highlight the presence (or in some cases, lack) of mindfulness in the subject matter of the author’s work I have chosen to critique.  My hope is that these writings will resonate with you somehow in your own journey of mindfulness.  Namaste.


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