Mindful Music

All music learning begins with perceiving or hearing of sound, then as student responds in some way the mind begins to grasp bits of understanding and the student is ready to actuate or create his own music by either performing, improvising or composing.
~Virginia Hoge Mead

My parents have always instilled in me the importance of appreciating the Arts, especially music. I guess that is why since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always felt an intimate kinship to the piano. I think I was 4 or 5 years old when I first learned to play this beautiful instrument. Over the years, I’ve had many piano different teachers, each with their own style and pedagogical approach. I was trained in classical piano, and competed in various competitions, most notably the Kiwanis Music Festival. One of my proudest moments was having the opportunity to play Beethoven’s Third Concerto in C minor with my piano teacher, David Tutt, at the Kiwanis Concerto Competition. David has not just been my piano teacher over the years, but a mentor to me in so many ways I cannot express in words. To this day, David’s words resonate with me beyond the piano studio: “Alex, always remember to let the top note sing.” Through his love of piano (and the Arts in general), I have been exposed to so many inexplicably beautiful and moving experiences that only music can offer us. I am so grateful to my parents and to David for instilling in me not just the importance of appreciating music, but the wonder of music and its genesis.

Music has the power to heal, to inspire, and to nuture the soul. It enables us to truly experience the here and now of the present moment. To sink in to ourselves, and to feel grounded in our surroundings.

Through my writings, I hope to share with you various genres of music and composers who embody the beauty and wonder of the mindful musician.

I wish you all love, happiness and hope, always. The highest in my honours the highest in you.



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