Film Reviews

I am a big fan of movies.  I’m not sure where I cultivated my love for movies.  I remember watching the Oscars with my family growing up as a child, debating with my parents and siblings about who would win the Best Picture/Actor/Actress Oscar that year, or the Best Foreign Film.  I can remember also watching The Sound of Music when I was very, very small, memorizing the songs and watching the movie virtually every Christmas on TV. 

When I moved to Montreal in 2008 for graduate studies at McGill, I always enjoyed going to the cheap movie theater at the Cinema du Parc with friends. I remember that theater always showed great, independent films at really affordable prices.  On long winter nights, this is where you would find me! 

Since adopting a daily practice of mindfulness in the last several months, I have started to perceive everything around me with greater awareness and self-reflection.  That awareness includes many of the films that I have held dearest to me my entire life.  I hope to use this blog as a platform to share my observations about how the practice of mindfulness figures prominently in the narratives of some of my favourite films I have watched (some countless times) over the years.  Namaste.


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